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IP addresses are considered personal data by the European Commission and are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation. IP addresses were protected private information under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

What is IP address

IP address are unique string of numbers, your devices receives when it connects to any network. It is like your home address or mobile number but for every device connected to any network.They serve two main functions: network interface identification, and location addressing.

Public and Private IP Address

Private IP address is an IP address your devices receives when it connects to your private network like your home WiFi. This IP address usually looks like 192.168.xx.xxx and is provided usually by your router to identify every devices connected to your local network. You cannot reach this address from outside the local network i.e. Internet. Public IP address on the other hand is given to you by your internet service providers when your device connects to the internet. It is used to identify and send and receive internet traffic. If you are interested to know how IP address works read this post.

What can I Do with this tools and what can I don't

You can look details about any Public IP address

  • The ISP the IP address is assigned to
  • Approximate location including Country, state and City
  • Approximate latitude and longitude

What you can not get

  • Any personal details like name, device details, email, exact location or any personally identifiable data.

What is the use of this tool?

  • You can trace how your request reaches the destination server. Our internet is a connected network of computers and routers. When you connect to let's say YouTube your request travels from your network through multiple routers of your ISP, some different intermediate ISPs and then the YouTube server. If you have problems like slow internet specially high latency in games, in many cases the ISP routing is the issue. To detect such problems you can do a trace route to the destination server or the game or the website. And you will get IP addresses of all the routers your internet is going through. By checking the details of the IP address you will get a clear idea how your ISP is sending the data to the server and if it is inefficient.
  • If you are hosting Websites and gets sudden request spike on the server from some particular IPS, you can detect their origin location.
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