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Hi, Shounak from the TechWeirdo here. This is a special post where I want to tell you the content policy, that I will follow for TechWeirdo now, and in the future, (atleast until AI takes over everything).

I have talked about these a little bit in the about page and in the welcome post. But I still want to put a dedicated post about the content policy and quality of this site, specially regarding the use of Advertisements, Affiliates and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Use of AI

As I have said previously, I have no plan to turn TechWeirdo into a big traditional blog. I love writing, and it exists solely for that reason. So I can assure you that all the posts you will find at TechWeirdo are absolutely written by me and only me. Being a doctor I have a relatively bussy schedule, so my publications will be in Infrequent bursts, but it will always be me.

I do use AI chatbots to find out formatting errors, or grammatical errors etc. Also it usually writes the initial codes before I debug them before final publishing.


I do plan to put advertisements on my site. It does help a little bit to offset some of the cost associated. But I will not put ads aggressivel. It is not going to hurt your viewing experience, I can tell you that.

But you are always welcome to use adblockers. If you are into selfhosting pi-hole and adgurad home are two great options. For browsers, use uBlock origin, or use Opera, Firefox or Arc.

But I also offer the option to remove all Ads for a mere 1 USD/month. I would prefer that option over Adblockers though. I will also sometimes let you know that, you can remove ads by subscribing instade of using adblockers 🥲. Please don't mind that.

Affiliates and Sponsorship

I don't see a path in this blog's near future where I will get sponsorship deals. But many companies offer referral programme and affiliates. I will put those links to places where it naturally fit to offset some costs. But that will never influence any product placements or my opinion about that product. For example, you may see Bunny CDN badge on this blog. I do use Bunny (check that using cdnplanet) for reasons and I paid for the service. But that link will help me to offset my CDN cost and the product is actually good.

If you have any further questions you can contact me on my social or submit the contact form.

I hope you enjoy TechWeirdo too. Thank you and have a very nice day.

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