Welcome to The TechWeirdo

Welcome to The TechWeirdo

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Hi there, warm welcome to my tech blog. I am Shounak and let me introduce you to The TechWeirdo. Today, on Pi day i.e. 14th of March 2024, SpaceX was born (22 years ago). Another beautiful thing happened today, they launched its 3rd starship and it reached space this time. So I feel like it is a good day to launch my tech blog too (just an excuse). It has been on my mind for about months now, and today is a good day. At least I get to say TechWeirdo has the same birthday as SpaceX.

Why am I doing this? I am a doctor and it is weird for a doctor to write a blog about tech, so the name TechWeirdo. In my busy life, I mostly fix humans but sometimes my inner nerd dives into breaking computers, servers, routers, etc. And this blog is a brainchild of my inner nerd. Basically, I was learning servers WordPress, Ghost, Cloudflare, CDN, etc, and finally decided to start this blog. What could go wrong?

Anyway, my main goal here is not to make millions, it is mostly a fun side project. But I will try to publish helpful content here, which hopefully will make your life easier. At least, that is the goal. Letโ€™s see where it goes after ten years in this ever-changing world.

Talking about the content, I donโ€™t really want to set a specific border here, it will be on what I am working on, mostly things you will be able to do for free or cheaply, but will be a lot of fun, like self-hosting a website for free, different fun projects like serverless link manager, todo list, etc, or it may be about server setup, pi-holes or wifi. The thing is love exploring, and in that process, I find things that might help others. It will be those things.

Am I qualified to write a tech blog? I hope so. I know I am a doctor, but I have been assembling computers since the age of 12-13. My father was an engineer in a telecom company so, I spliced optical fiber, and went to mobile towers, inside cool network command centers with racks and racks of hardware. That early exposure made me curious about technology in general. I still confidently open any electronic device, although I canโ€™t guarantee whether that thing will survive my little therapy. I also taught myself a little bit of HTML CSS etc. Donโ€™t get me m how frequently I am going to write on this blog, but I will write something as soon as I get some time off. I will set up a newsletter, but I am skeptical about how often I will send one to you. But do remember and visit again. It will be fun. Anyway wish me luck, I hope to meet you even after 10 years from today.

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